Documents Required to Make Aadhar Card – Find All List

If you are an Indian Citizen, you likely know what exactly an Aadhar Card is and why it is important for every citizen of India. In this guide most of people know about which type of document required for making of aadhar card.

I will show you exactly what documents you want to attache with Application for Aadhar card at the aadhar kendera. A much awaited guide for all people are going to live. Also what to do in cases of non-availability of this documents. All the essential documents which need at the time of apply are listed throughout Aadhar Card enrollment in India are given below.

Unknown Facts About Aadhar Card


You may don’t know about what is special about the Aadhar Card and It is the fact that it’s World’s Largest Identity verification project, ever done across the world.  Indian government spending a lot on that. Also, it’s India’s first ever public record that utilizes Biometric methods to verify and store individuality identity.

It means, your Biometric and demographic details are stored in a database. All database is essential to the country people and the Aadhar information on every citizen in the country have been stored in that single database. That is possible as the attendances are tracked by their aadhar cards.


One important aspects regarding the aadhar is, it is impossible to make duplicate aadhar card. The duplication is  prohibited and unauthentic ration cards and it will be removed from the Indian Ration Card scheme on the basis of Aadhar Verification. So basically, Aadhar may be the soundest, most accurate and also one of the most important records in the India at the moment. Undoubtedly to you should check the information regarding the required document for aadhar card.

Documents Need for Aadhar Card

These documents need on Online as well as Offline way of application form, check the below these following types of documents need

  • ·         A Proof of Identity. (PAN card will work.)
  • ·         A Proof of Residence (Voter’s Card will work.)
  • ·         A proof of birth. (Birth Certificate will work.)

Documents Accepted as Proof of Identity:-

  • ·         Passport
  • ·         CGHS / ECHS Card
  • ·    Address certificate with  photo issued by MP or MLA or Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar on letterhead
  • ·         Address certificate from  Village Panchayat head or its equivalent authority.
  • ·         Income Tax Assessment Order
  • ·         Ration Card
  • ·         Voter ID
  • ·         Photo Bank ATM Card
  • ·         Photo Credit Card
  •           Driving License
  •           Arms License
  • ·         Pensioner Card
  • ·         Freedom Fighter Card
  • ·         Kissan Passbook
  • ·         Government Photo ID Cards
  • ·         CGHS / ECHS Photo Card
  • ·         NREGS Job Card
  • ·         Service photo identity card issued by PSU
  • ·         Arms License
  • ·         PAN Card
  • Pensioner Photo Card
  • ·         Kissan Photo Passbook is also accepted.
  • ·         Address Card having Name and Photo issued by Department of Posts

Documents Accepted for Residential Proof:-

  • ·         Passport
  • ·         Post Office Account Statement / Passbook
  • ·         Bank Statement / Passbook
  •     NREGS Job Card
  • ·         Driving License
  • ·         Government Photo ID cards
  • ·         Service photo identity card issued by PSU
  • ·         Electricity Bill (not older than 3 months)
  • ·         Water bill (not older than 3 months)
  • ·         Telephone Landline Bill (not older than 3 months)
  • ·         Property Tax Receipt (not older than 3 months)
  • ·         Credit Card Statement (not older than 3 months)
  • ·         Insurance Policy
  • ·         Signed Letter having Photo from Bank on letterhead
  • ·         Signed Letter having Photo issued by registered Company on letterhead
  • ·   Signed Letter having Photo issued by Recognized Educational Instruction on letterhead
  • ·        Identity Certificate with a photo issued by Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar on letterhead
  • ·         Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • ·         Registered Sale / Lease / Rent Agreement
  • ·         Address Card having Photo issued by Department of Posts
  • ·         Caste and Domicile Certificate having Photo issued by State Govt.
  • ·         Disability ID Card.
  • ·       Handicapped medical certificate issued by the respective State / UT Governments / Administrations
  • ·         Photo Card:- Freedom Fighter
  • ·         Disability ID Card / handicapped medical certificate issued by the respective State / UT Governments / Administrations
  • ·         Photo ID issued by Recognized Educational Institution
  • ·         Ration / PDS Photo Card
  • ·         Voter ID
  • ·         Gas Connection Bill (not older than 3 months)
  • ·         Passport of Spouse
  • ·         Passport of Parents (if you don’t yet have it).

Documents to Prove Relation

  • ·         Passport
  •           MNREGA Job Card
  • ·         Pension Card
  • ·         CGHS / State Government  ECHS / ESIC Medical card
  • ·         Army Canteen Card
  • ·         PDS Card
  • ·         Birth Certificate
  • ·         Any other Central / State government issued family entitlement document.
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